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The 25-year-old dip company Out To Lunch needed a new identity. We drew inspiration from Austin’s Zilker Park and positioned the brand to spread feel-good moments.

zilks -spread it around
zilks hummus tubs on table


We re-designed the entire line of products in a way that would signal flavor differences, create a consistent voice on the shelf and invite a new audience to try the hummus and artisan dips.

“The Butler Bros helped create and define the Zilks brand. Our engagement with their team was truly a rich experience.”

— John Anderson, Zilks Foods Inc., Founder & COO

zilks website in laptop

Bacon Hummus Packaging


Product Innovation

Bringing the Zilks brand position to life led to a special product idea — bacon hummus. What creates more of a feel-good moment than bacon? It was all about bringing new customers into the world of hummus.

zilks tradeshow at expo west


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