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Cyclist. Motorist. Pedestrian. All just people going places. We created this behavioral engineering experiment to promote peaceful coexistence on the road via a simple wave.

Let’s face it. Traffic congestion and the many frustrations that come with it are problems that aren’t going away any time soon. And it is going to take decades and billions of dollars to fix them. But who says every solution has to be a complicated or expensive one? What if there was a simple way to make our roadways a little more hospitable? A new software for the hard streets. What would happen if we just waved more? This is a project we launched in Austin with the support of locals — Police Chief Art Acevedo, Ben Kweller, Aaron Ross, Bavu Blakes, Bruce Robison, Liz Lambert and Austin Kleon to name but a few. Do the wave.


The Official Wavemobile

Wave Merch.

Mouse nice. Check out the website at wewave.org


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