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For 134 years Lutheran Social Services of the South has advocated for children and those in need. They wanted a new identity that could strongly evoke their refined mission of “ending child abuse.”

There are more than 60,000 confirmed cases of child abuse in Texas each year. As one of the state’s largest nonprofits and one of the most experienced organizations in the field of abuse prevention and foster care, LSS isn’t just called to serve, they are uniquely positioned to lead. Yet, research showed that their existing name left people confused about their mission focus.

Over the course of six months, we worked closely with their leadership team and board of directors to define a new brand, leading an exhaustive identity process. The result is an identity that builds on their storied history, draws from their faith-inspired values, and clearly communicates who they serve.


Naming The name borrows equity from a phrase associated with childhood to create something fresh while quickly signaling what the organization does and who it serves. Logo Upbring wanted to convey both strength and compassion in their new identity. We developed a shield icon that incorporates subtle references to their Lutheran heritage. Tagline The tagline speaks to the important role faith plays in shaping the organization’s direction and values. It also underscores their forward-thinking approach to abuse prevention.

Brand Film

This film is designed to announce the new brand, reaffirm the organization’s purpose and inspire stakeholders. The production was truly a family affair as many of the children featured in the film are friends and family of people who work at Upbring and The Butler Bros.

“The Butler Bros brought expertise and creativity to the process of crafting our new identity. They held us to the truths and aspirations we proclaimed and delivered an inspired result.”

— Evan Moilan, Chief Mission Officer, Upbring

Thank You

Special thanks to all our partners — Randal Ford, Charlie Uniform Tango, Liberal Media Films, The Mach 1 Group and Brett Stiles.

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