ROL Wheels


ROL, purveyor of hand-built performance wheelsets, needed a brand mark as fast and true as their products. We took to the work bench and made it happen.

Founder Sean Lambert wanted branding that lived up to the hard won reputation of his wheelsets. ROL has consistently been one of the highest rated wheel builders on Road Bike Review, and the vast majority of their sales take place online. Word of mouth and good-looking decals drive sales. We took care to redesign his core mark without leaving his brand equity in the dust. Here’s to moving product.

ROL Wheels Logo


  • Wheel with ROL wheel logo
  • Wheel with ROL wheel logo
  • Logo on ROL wheel hub
  • Close up of ROL logo on wheel release lever
  • ROL wheel logo on cycling socks

Photo slideshow of the logo applied to various products.

ROL Wheels Tee

T-shirt design.

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