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Branding, Experiential

The Aspen Ideas Festival gave our team a unique opportunity to strategize, concept and produce an immersive experience targeting intellectual tourists.

Introducing the Legacy Gallery

Our client Legacy is the nation’s largest tobacco control non-profit, and in 2013 they were a sponsor of the Aspen Ideas Festival. To help them re-frame the issue of tobacco to Festival attendees, we curated a collection of advocacy artwork that included collaborative commissions with conceptual photographer Adam Voorhes, internationally renowned artist Chris Jordan, as well as selections from documentarian Brenda Ann Kenneally’s long-running photo project “Upstate Girls.”

Branding for Legacy Aspen Ideas Festival and Photo of Room Entrance

Legacy Gallery branding and signage.

Photo of the Legacy Gallery at the Aspen Ideas Festival

The Legacy Gallery and oxygen bar.

Toxic Forest

This digital work by Chris Jordan depicts 139,000 cigarette butts — an amount equal to the number of cigarettes that are smoked and discarded every 15 seconds in the U.S. In addition to Aspen, this piece was also featured at SXSW Eco.

Detail of Chris Jordan's Artwork: Toxic Waste

“There is something so magnificent about these trees. Walk up to that portrait and discover the trick of the hand: the bark, the branches are crafted from thousands of cigarette butts. Such a powerful and stark image: it shatters that sense of peace and tranquility and darkly gives life to the reality of cigarettes.”

– Kitty Boone, The Aspen Institute, Public Programs Director & Vice President

Social Justice Wall Featuring Brenda Ann Keanneally Photos

Tobacco Thrives on Poverty

Photo documentarian Brenda Ann Kenneally has spent close to a decade documenting the lives of people living below the poverty line in Upstate New York. Her work organically captures a tragically high incidence of smoking. We developed a motion design piece to accompany her photos that provided viewers with the backstory of all the photo subjects.

  • Photo of family on bed with mother smoking by Brenda Ann Kenneally
  • Photo of teenager on couch with cigarette by Brenda Ann Kenneally
  • Photo of mother with cigarette and toddler by Brenda Ann Kenneally
  • Photo of children playing with cigarette by Brenda Ann Kenneally
  • Photo of child in corner store with cigarette packages by Brenda Ann Kenneally
  • Photo of father smoking with child and mother in background by Brenda Ann Kenneally

Photos by Brenda Ann Kenneally exhibited in the Legacy gallery.

Photo by Adam Voorhes: New and Emerging Products

Tobacco Transformed

Conceptual photographer Adam Voorhes created this striking photograph to present new forms of nicotine delivery alongside their most visually relevant cohorts, candy. Today this piece hangs in Legacy headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Detail of photo by Adam Voorhes: New and Emerging Products

Close-up view of Adam Voorhes’ piece.

Legacy gallery with speaker Arianna Huffington

We laid out the Gallery to shape-shift into a live venue that hosted Legacy’s Ripple Effect Speakers Series. Our team documented the speakers including Arianna Huffington, Kurt Anderson and Dr. Richard Besser, and made quick-turn video clips to post online, driving additional traffic to Legacy’s home page and to the Legacy Gallery during the event timeframe.

  • Aspen Ideas Festival Booklet Cover
  • Aspen Ideas Festival Booklet Spread
  • Aspen Ideas Festival T-shirt
  • Aspen Ideas Festival Cannula Packaging
  • Aspen Ideas Festival Toddy Cloth
  • Aspen Ideas Festival Thank You Card

We also designed a system of collateral, way-finding and premiums that worked in concert to drive traffic to the Legacy Gallery while reinforcing the core Legacy brand.


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