College Board

For over 100 years the College Board has tested the mettle of students around the world with its hallmark SAT test. New leadership with a bold vision for ‘delivering opportunity’ redesigned the test and forged new partnerships to reinvigorate the promise of the founding mission — offering a level playing field to all students.

Delivering Opportunity Launch Event

Working closely with the communications, marketing and executive teams at the College Board we co-wrote, produced, designed and directed their sea changing announcement event held on March 5th, 2014. Our technical team ran live capture via a multi-camera set up feeding the media and the web audiences in real time.

CollegeBoard SXSWedu Event featuring Speech by David Coleman

Our artwork and interactive features drove home key themes to the 250 event attendees. The content of the event itself captured the media, resulting in over 70 front page stories and coverage from every national network.

Series of Icons for CollegeBoard SXSW Event

Thematic iconography developed for the event was integrated into signage, slides, event collateral, short films and online applications that will live on as part of a multi-year roll out. 

Hanging Posters

Large format posters brought equally large ideas to the event audiences attention.

  • Chalkboard Wall at SXSWedu Event
  • Background Elements for SXSWedu
  • Hanging Poster with Quotations
  • Event Tees

“In my career I’ve never been through a process that so efficiently brought forth actionable ideas and helped shape individuals into an effective team. A “blitz” with The Butler Bros and FUTURE is now one of the most powerful tools in our kit.”

— John McGrath, VP, Communications

  • CollegeBoard Blitz Brainstorm Session
  • CollegeBoard Blitz Get Out Activity
  • CollegeBoard Blitz Discussion
  • CollegeBoard Blitz Stickie Notes

College Board Blitz

We began with the end in mind, convening a Rapid Ingenuity Blitz with our partner firm FUTURE to set strategy and co-create the event with the College Board’s communications team. The process created cohesion and teed up inspired execution.

Attendees with Tees

The video highlights the National media’s coverage of the accouncement event.


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