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Over 100 years ago, the College Board emerged to provide a merit-based path to college for students. A bold vision to reinvigorate their founding mission launched meaningful product redesigns, ground-breaking partnerships, and new program alignments. Their branding needed to amplify this movement.

As the organization behind the SAT®, AP® program, and CLEP®, the College Board touches the journey of millions of students each year. Yet most people are unable to connect their diverse offerings to one organization or grasp their larger mission. We collaborated with their executive, brand experience, communications, and editorial teams to unify the College Board’s visual brand and clearly communicate their reason for being.

From a House of Brands to a Branded House

Before the rebrand, each program had its own logo, colors and typefaces. We created new brand guidelines and designed a uniform lockup to highlight individual programs and reinforce their familial connection.

Focusing on Who Matters Most

We directed the creation of a robust library of images to highlight the contemporary student experience. We then used a graphic device to further focus attention on the evocative moments where learning happens, in and out of the classroom.

Progressive Color Choices

All programs were reordered to align with three major categories and colors. Kindergarten–12th grade programs were assigned cyan as a nod to the brand’s color heritage and a commentary on new core alignments. The next step on the color wheel is purple and that was assigned to higher education as a natural and complementary progression. Access programs were assigned green to evoke velocity while remaining in the cooler palette range.

A New Messaging Architecture

We led an evolution of the brand’s purpose statement and created a new messaging framework that aligned the full offering of the College Board into a cohesive narrative that all stakeholders could grasp.

“The team at the Butler Bros are truth-tellers who helped us rediscover and articulate our organization’s truth. The brand transformation we’ve achieved through their guidance will help us clear a path for more students to own their future.”

—John McGrath, Senior Vice President of Communications & Marketing, the College Board

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