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Students already know that practice is the key to improving their skills. We created a series of documentary films to show it’s also the key to improving their SAT® score.

Spend any time in a high school and you’ll see students practicing for band, football, cheerleading, or any one of a hundred other extracurricular activities. That’s because when it comes to things they’re passionate about, they know that regular practice is the only way to get better. To prove that practice can also help them get better on the SAT®, we worked with documentary filmmakers to create a series of films featuring six real students at Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, Florida. The school was one of the first in country to integrate Official SAT Practice, a free online practice tool created by College Board and Khan Academy, into their college prep curriculum. The campaign shows how these students are using the site and the discipline of practice to both better themselves and their scores.



Creative Directors: Adam Butler and Marty Butler Writers: Erik Enberg and Jeremy Spencer Designers: Jacob Carter and Craig Crutchfield Directors: Brandon Bloch and Brandon Bray Editor: Brandon Bray Client Lead: Adele Hazan

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