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Making Change with AIGA

AIGA Austin’s Changemaker Series are talks focused on bringing design for good to the community. Our own Adam Butler will be a part of their next panel discussion on November 10, featuring people who have made giving back a part of their everyday lives and career. Come to be inspired and join the community in building a movement for change. For more information, go to AIGA’s event page.

Reflections on a Rebrand

A year ago, The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas officially became We Are Blood.  If you want to know a little more about the rebrand, check out this recent blog post from their CEO Marshall Cothron. He reflects on the process, what it has meant to their organization a year later, and gives us one hell of a shout out. We’re thankful we get to work with great organizations like We Are Blood, but we’re even more thankful we get to work with such great people like Marshall and his team.

Tune in as we dig into the food system.

Transparency, big data, the rise of social entrepreneurship and a new social awareness of health are creating a new landscape for suppliers, manufacturers, brands, retailers and investors. Adam and Marty are emceeing the Esca Bona conference in Austin October 17-18 to discuss these issues.

Watch the livestream October 17th beginning at 8am CST.

Brewbound with Marty

See how the sausage gets made at the Butler Bros. Check out Marty’s recent article for Brewbound, BEVNET’s leading news site for the craft beer industry. It’s a great behind-the-scenes look at our process of radical collaboration and how it’s helped brands like Maui Brewing and Tequila 512.