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The 25-year-old dip company Out To Lunch needed a new identity. We drew inspiration from Austin’s Zilker Park and positioned the brand to spread feel-good moments.

Brand Film

We produced and filmed a backyard picnic to capture the feel-good spirit of the brand and show the grub in action. It’s not rocket surgery to eat this stuff. But we wanted to highlight the products as condiments.

Logo and tagline.

Packaging design.


We started by re-designing the packaging for the entire line of products in a way that would signal flavor differences between products, create a consistent voice on the shelf and invite a new audience to try the hummus and artisan dips.

“The Butler Bros helped create and define the Zilks brand. Our engagement with their team was truly a rich experience. From initial conception to launch and public relations, they added value and expertise the whole way.”

— John Anderson, Zilks Foods Inc., Founder & COO


The custom WordPress site lets Zilks’ non-techy staff spread feel-good moments and brand news with the ease of dipping a chip in some salsa.

Bacon Hummus Packaging

Product Innovation

Bringing the Zilks brand position to life led to a special product idea – bacon hummus. What creates more of a feel-good moment than bacon? It was all about bringing new customers into the world of hummus.

  • zilks -spread it around
  • zilks hummus tubs on table
  • zilks website in laptop
  • inside tub lid

Photo slideshow of some fun stuff we did for Zilks.

Teaser video.


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