We Are Blood

Branding, Naming

The Blood Center of Central Texas needed to stand apart from national blood donation organizations and reinforce the imperative of giving blood locally. We worked with them to create a new identity that blurs the line between community and family.

A Badge of Honor

To call someone “blood” is simply another way to call that person “family.” The new name plays off this colloquialism — describing what they literally do while evoking their deep community roots. The circular logo badge honors their heritage and is a reference to the visual style of the 1950s when the organization was founded. The abstract tree at the center of the mark once again evokes family and the interconnectedness of those who give and receive blood.

Getting the Blood Moving

Graphics for their fleet of vehicles were inspired by the way blood moves in and out of both sides of the heart. Brand messages appear on all sides of the vehicles, turning their fleet into dozens of moving billboards.

The Bloodstream

Most people will only interact with the organization when they’re giving blood. We transformed an old Airstream into a community outreach center on wheels to provide them a more informal way to engage with the community.

“The Butler Bros embedded themselves in our culture, got inside our heads and hearts and learned what makes us tick. With that they strategically and artfully crafted a bold, distinctive new name and brand identity that reflects the essence of who we are.”

—Marshall Cothran, CEO of We Are Blood

Rewarding Loyalty Locally

We helped them redesign their donor loyalty program, renaming it Type Local and offering only rewards that support other local organizations and businesses — further bolstering their position as the only truly local blood services provider.

Mugs, signs and other merch give donors and staff ways to show their family pride.

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