Tim Willison Reel

With over 15 years of experience in TV, film and video production, Tim Willison has produced and directed over 100 hours of commercial and documentary content for the Olympic Games, The Legacy Foundation, Genentech, and worked with television networks and magazines, including NBC, ESPN, The Weather Channel, The Travel Channel, The Outdoor Channel and Field & Stream.

Genentech Films

Director / Producer (The Butler Bros)

These portraits featured Genentech’s leading scientists to inspire deeper collaboration in the global clinical trials network of Roche

Total Outdoorsman Challenge TV Series

Director / Cinematographer (Staff at Warren Miller Ent)

13 half-hour episodes for Outdoor Channel

This 8-day competition features some of the country’s top sportsmen going head-to-head. This 15-person crew had 8 cameramen, 2 audio, a mini-helicopter crew, 2 hosts, and a team of producers to accomplish a demanding shoot, which took place over 12 days.

BARE - "The Adventure" Web Campaign

Director / Producer / Second Cinematographer (Staff at Warren Miller Ent)

(4) Web vignettes featuring locations in Tahiti, Australia, and British Columbia.

This visually compelling series of the world’s most adventurous dive destinations integrated the BARE Sports brand organically via local dive talent to convey a personal and unique narrative. We shot RED / 5D and faced difficult challenges working in the underwater world.


EX Film - "Becoming An EX: Real People, Real Stories"

Director / Producer (The Butler Bros)

4-min film for the nonprofit Legacy Foundation.

This video shares a first-hand struggle with tobacco addiction: two smokers chronicle their personal smoking stories, and a former smoker offers insights on how she quit with the help of the EX program.


The Outdoor Channel Vignettes

Producer / Director (Staff at Warren Miller Ent)

A series of hunting tips. Shot over 5 days outside Bozeman, Montana.

2010 Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony Video

Production Manager (Staff at Warren Miller Ent)

4-min kick-off film for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

This shoot had a bit of everything – helicopters, cineflex, 100+ extras, pyrotechnics, top athletes, stunts, and months of prep, shooting, and finishing.