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The Austin Children’s Museum wanted to become known as a “foundry for the next generation of problem solvers.” Signaling the shift would take more than just a new building.

Seeking to meet a growing need for science, technology, engineering, art and math (S.T.E.A.M.) education, the leadership of the Austin Children’s Museum (ACM) made the bold decision to evolve their entire offering. We began our work with the ACM team by convening a lab for engagement with ACM staff and community stakeholders to vision how the brand could evolve. We led renaming, identity redesign and brand restyling, as well as production efforts on the launch film. Our collaboration produced outstanding results, with a 480% increase in memberships and a doubling of admissions from 2013 to 2014. Meet the Thinkery.

Launch Film

We concepted this short launch film to project the future impact the Thinkery might have on todays kids. We brought The Bear Media on board to liven up the idea and direct the live action shoot. And we were lucky enough to get Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey to lend his laid back southern charm to our VO track. Just Keep Learning kids…

Thinkery building feature Thinkery logo

Thinkery building exterior.

Thinkery Logo & Tagline

Thinkery logo and tagline.

Alternate Logo and Sample Print Ad

Alternate logo execution and sample print ad.

Magazine Spread about the Thinkery

Sample magazine spread.

Thinkery Icon Pattern

Brand pattern.

“Working with The Butler Bros helped give us the courage to transform as an organization. They created a great brand and were authentically part of the process that helped us clarify who we are and what we stand for.”

—Mike Nellis, Thinkery, Executive Director

Thinkery T-shirts

T-shirt designs.

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