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As the creators of the SAT, College Board knows firsthand how hard students work. We helped them craft a moment of play — a social media event to celebrate college-bound HS seniors all over America.

Building off how kids already share their college decisions on social platforms like Instagram, we introduced Collegiance — a contest where students could hashtag their own college announcement video for a chance to win scholarships. Collegiance afforded the College Board a rare opportunity to connect with students in a purely fun, lighthearted and celebratory way.

How to Pledge Video

We worked with local high school students to create a DIY-style instructional video to show seniors how to participate.

The site introduced the contest and featured a #collegiance gallery that pulled in real-time videos from Instagram.

Student Videos

Starting on May 1st (Decision Day), the gallery began to fill with video submissions from students all across the country. With everything from homemade special effects to cannonballs, students used the opportunity to flex some serious creativity.

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