The 263

Dennis Liddy had a dream to open a restaurant and name it based on the phone prefix of the location – 263. We infused the brand signals with the founder’s Beat sensibilities.

The 263 Letterhead


Design inspiration from the ultimate non-conformists.

Dennis is a massive fan of Kerouac, Ginsberg, William S. Borroughs and Kesey. We put these American masters in our bohemian blender to create a brand that harkens back to the urban ’60s and Beat movement.

Environmental branding.

The 263 exterior.

A Haiku from Dennis Liddy commenting on the impact of our work:

Endless possibilities

– Dennis Liddy, 263, Owner

The 263 Tank Top

The tank – a Texas must.

The 263 web page

263 on the web.

The 263 stickers and menu
The 263 Key Chain and Wooden Chips

Extra goodies.