Sweet Leaf Tea

Branding, Digital, Film

Sweet Leaf Tea had a great label but no brand standards when we met them. We helped granny get her story straight for the big city markets.

We worked directly with founder Clayton Christopher to help manifest a brand that matched the product’s friendly, octogenarian authenticity. From evolving the brand positioning and creating a new web experience to producing broadcast work and creating the brand’s first graphic standards, we got Sweet Leaf Tea gussied up for a national audience and a high-dollar sale.

Brand Film

One of our first brand films, this is the story of the Sweet Leaf brand from its humble beginnings of crawfish pots and garden hoses to its meteoric rise through the natural food ranks.

sweet leaf typeface

The custom font we designed was inspired by the label and carries the name “Granny’s Hand.”

truck wrap graphics

Fleet graphics. Take note of which way the condensation on the bottle is running.  

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