Maui Brewing Co.

Branding, Packaging

A craft brewer, a designer, a Hawaiian Linguistics Ph.D., and a Polynesian tattoo artist all walk into a bar. It’s no joke. It’s our collaboration with Hawaii’s largest craft brewery.

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Aloha, Y’all

We started by taking our core team to Maui, immersing ourselves in Maui Brewing Company. We learned about their culture of ‘ohana — the Hawaiian word for family that extends beyond blood-relatives to people that share a common bond. Their bond is a passion for brewing beers and a love for true Hawaiian craftsmanship.

Honoring the Honu

When you’re redesigning a logo that the owner of the company has tattooed on his body and customers love, there’s bound to be some passionate discussions. We channeled that energy into an evolution of the word-mark and logo that honors the brand’s equity and essence.

  • Maui Brewing Cans
  • Maui Brewing Cans
  • Maui Brewing Cans

Can Beautification

For packaging, we created a look that makes their flagship beers and their craft soda a part of the same ‘ohana. Like the brewery, the designs are a balance of modern and traditional Hawaiian values.

Each can features a custom illustration inspired by the tribal honu logo. We created the artwork with influential Polynesian tattoo artist Orly Locquiao. We also incorporated the nautical coordinates of the brewery and other on-can messaging to express their pride in being a truly “Island Brewed” product.

  • Group Can Shot

“They peeled us back to our core and helped us to better communicate the true essence of who we are. Trust their system, prepare to be challenged, know it comes out of passion.”

— Garrett W. Marrero, founder and CEO of Maui Brewing Co.


Metal bar tackers. 




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