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Inspiring and empowering people affected by cancer is what LIVESTRONG does like no one else on the planet. Since 2007, we’ve helped them build and engage their community. 

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UNITE Campaign

We began working with the LIVESTRONG foundation in 2007 as they enlarged their focus from survivorship issues to include an organizational focus on making cancer a national priority during the 2008 presidential election. The “UNITE” campaign was the result and this print piece was a highlight. 

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“Break Cancer” campaign case study video.

"Break Cancer" Integrated Campaign

In 2010, we worked with the 170-member LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance to conceive of the “Break Cancer” campaign. With tactics ranging from online record-setting to throw-down live events, we needed to make a case study video to tell the whole story.

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“Break Cancer” record-setting event, “Largest Group to Shave Heads in Solidarity With People Battling Cancer.”

“They understand the creative process, and more importantly, they understand how to tell stories. They value their family, their quality of life and their clients. This mission-driven approach allows them to focus on clients and issues that are of personal interest to them, which creates an unparalleled level of commitment.”

— Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG, President & CEO

unite newspaper ads

Facebook Timeline Brand Experience

In 2012, LIVESTRONG was approached by Facebook to be one of less than ten launch partners in the world for Pages timeline. We helped analyze the opportunity and design the interaction for their 1.5 million friends. We told a comprehensive and balanced story of the foundation’s growth through a variety of strategic lenses with an integrated look and feel.   

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