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LIVESTRONG has always convened people to fight cancer on their own terms. We designed a campaign on their behalf that united the voices of the 170 organizations in their Young Adult Cancer Alliance.

break cancer banner

Break Cancer

Many don’t know that LIVESTRONG was the center of gravity for a network of young adult cancer organizations that span the US. In addition to granting many of them into existence they also founded the Young Adult Cancer Alliance. 170 organizations all focused on one goal — raising survival rates for 18-40 year olds. This campaign united their voices to Break Cancer.

“Break Cancer” campaign case study video.

“They understand the creative process, and more importantly, they understand how to tell stories. They value their family, their quality of life and their clients. This mission-driven approach allows them to focus on clients and issues that are of personal interest to them, which creates an unparalleled level of commitment.”

— Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG, President & CEO

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