Hello LinkedIn

Hello Nate, I wanted to share a few new pieces with you and your team that may inspire some thinking about how LinkedIn might tell inspiring user stories to drive deeper engagement in your platform.

The US Travel Association - The Travel Effect

We created a campaign for the US Travel Association’s multiyear, multichannel, multimedia effort to espouse the benefits of travel. We branded it The Travel Effect. This video served as the campaign thematic and was used to launch to campaign stakeholders and currently lives on the campaign website. We scripted, produced, directed and edited this piece in house.

Southwest Airlines - 40 Years of LUV

We produced and directed this short brand film with true stories from real customers to celebrate Southwest Airline’s 40th Anniversary. The film was used at SWA headquarters to launch their anniversary party, shared across the company intranet and was ultimately posted in consumer facing social media and company blogs.

Genentech - Ira Portrait

We produced and directed these portraits featuring Genentech scientists to inspire deeper collaboration in the global clinical trials network of Roche. This film was used to launch a 1 billion dollar clinical trial for a cancer molecule called anti-PDL1. It continues to be shared in investigator meetings around the world.