If you want better work, you have to work in a better way.

Client vs. Agency. The classic confrontation. We all know how it goes. The Client comes to The Agency with The Problem. The Agency goes off to solve it. The Agency comes back and presents The Answer. The Client rarely likes it. So, The Agency goes off by themselves to solve The Problem again. Passive aggression ensues.

That’s the old way of branding. And it might be fine for clients who are content to maintain the status quo, but not for those who need to disrupt it. If you really want radically different work, you have to work in a radically different way.

I’ve never been through a process that so efficiently brought forth actionable ideas and helped shape individuals into an effective team.

John McGrath, College Board, VP of Comms and Marketing

We call it Radical Collaboration. It’s an approach that seeks to define and solve problems with clients instead of for them. From figuring out the massive stuff (like what does the organization aspire to be) to the details (like what color should the logo be), we do it all together. We start by literally getting everyone into the same room with our phones off and our brains on. And throughout the project we work hard to maintain an open and productive dialogue. It’s key to collaboration, and while it can feel a little strange at times, it’s a hell of a lot more interesting way to work.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Founded in 2002, we are a brand studio in Austin dedicated to making good work for good people. With our core team and a deep network of collaborators — from artists to researchers — we have delivered everything from package design to films. Along the way, we’ve had our work featured in places like The New York Times, Fast Company, Communication Arts, Print, USA Today, CBS News and CNN.

These are the values that make collaboration go.

Be ready with your ears and mind wide open. Life is a classroom.

Be uncomfortably comfortable with your work. Ideas are a renewable resource.

Take adventures large and small. Better work comes from a rested mind.

People may forget what you say, but not how you make them feel.

The Bros.

Adam Butler

Founder, Strategic Chief

A seeker of connectivity Adam leads our interaction with partners and clients. Gifted with a strong left and right brain bridge, he guides our work strategically. Modalities and mediums will shift – his commitment to radical collaboration won’t.

Adam is a founding board member of Farmshare Austin.

Marty Butler

Founder, Creative Chief

A visualizer of new with a gift for spotting and cultivating rare talent. Marty is at home leading and collaborating with any and all creative disciplines. He’s adept at filmmaking, creating identity or writing a tagline. He doesn’t discriminate. He is a football coach in Vans.

Marty is co-founder of Austin Home Brew Festival.

The Team

Jacob Carter

Design Director

Erik Enberg

Creative Director

Jeremy Spencer

Narrative Director

Justin Johnson

Collaboration Manager

Jake Rutherford

Collaboration Manager

Ava DeVoe


Hoang Nguyen


Spencer Ingram

Strategy Facilitator

Bridget Liddy

Operations Director